Learn Free Courses To Have Good Skills:

Learning is a great habit everyone should have. Good skills to have on your CV help you to get a perfect job. But if you don’t need a job and want to work for yourself (as a freelancer, or any other businessman), learn skills.

We are sharing some of the free courses available over the internet in this article. These are free and made by professionals. These are well-taught and free.

By joining these courses, you will learn life skills, sales skills, teamwork skills, decision-making skills, motivational skills, programming skills, and much more.


Learn Free Courses To Have Good Skills:

Learn Free Courses To Have Good Skills:

There are hundreds of programs available over the internet that helps you to learn free of cost. Some of them also give internships to students. But the courses that we are sharing are the best. And we have got a lot of advantages by joining them. You will also get a course completion certificate after completing some of them.


Google Digital Unlocked:

Google digital unlocked is providing a lot of courses free. Some of these courses also include certifications. For example, Fundamentals of digital marketing

The course providers include Google, Coursera, Youtube, Udacity, OpenClassrooms, Skillshop, The Open University, Applied Digital Skills, etc.

All the free courses available in this program are of different lengths.

There are different levels of difficulties for courses. Some are beginner, others are intermediate, and the rest are advanced.


Harvard University | Free Online Courses:

The second-course providers that we recommend you to learn different programming and technical skills are of Harvard University.

There are 100+ free courses available in this program. You can search for the category you want.

The popular online courses of Harvard University are Web Programming, Game Development, Humanities, Business, and much more.

Search for different categories at the top. The popular ones are Art & Design, Business, Computer Science, Health & Medicine, Mathematics, etc.

All of the courses, available are of different lengths and difficulty levels.

Different schools of Harvard are the course providers.


DigiSkills Training Program:

Unfortunately, these courses are only for Pakistani students. But students from all over the world can learn these all from Youtube.

Digiskills courses include certification when you complete them with at least 50% grades.

The skills that you can learn from this platform are Freelancing, Graphic Design, SEO, AutoCAD, Digital Marketing, Creative Writing, etc.

At the end of every chapter, you have to complete a quiz. And you have to complete three to four assignments per course.


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