Custom Mobile Apps For Business | Multi-Platform Application Development:

Every business needs a mobile app just like a website. Both have the same importance for any business.

If you are looking for custom mobile app developers for your business, then you are at the right place. We have a team of multi-platform app developers. We will recommend you professional, experienced, multi-platform mobile app developers.

Our developers do cross-platform app development for both Android and Ios devices. And the technology they use is Flutter.

Flutter is Google’s platform to do cross-platform mobile app development. The programming language they use is Dart.  

There will be a lot of app development companies around you. They will be good in many ways. But the charges of this type of development are always high.

But we are giving the same service at affordable prices and with perfect quality. The choice is yours. But before deciding, read something more about the process.


Custom Mobile Apps For Business | Multi-Platform Application Development:

Pros Of Multi-Platform Application Development:

The pros of cross-platform app development services are:

  • Low budget
  • Less development time
  • Fewer team members
  • Good quality


Low Budget:

You can get good-quality mobile applications for both Android and IOS at a low budget. The reason is that you don’t need to do native development for both platforms.

The cost of multi-platform apps is low as compared to native. Resources are used less as compared to native apps. It reduces the cost of development.


Less Development Time:

If you want to get the project done in agility, cross-platform apps are the best choice. The reason behind it is that hybrid app development takes less time as compared to native.

If you want a good quality application in a few days, search for cross-platform mobile app developers. Or search this query ‘flutter developers’.


Fewer Team Members:

When you go for hybrid development, you don’t need to hire a lot of team members. A single person can do the task of two persons. That reduces the 50% workload.

The other advantage is that you will have to pay for a single project, but in native, you may have to pay for two. Fewer team members mean fewer resources used.


Good Quality:

A single app developer will do the complete project done in the same row, which polishes quality. But when there are two developers for separate operating systems, a clash may happen. Or both applications may miss some features. But in hybrid, multi-platform, quality remains the same for both.

The same developer can understand his/her code better. And it is the plus point of hybrid development.


Why Every Business Needs A Mobile Application?

Why Every Business Needs A Mobile Application?

Every business should have a mobile application to give ease to its users.

We can give a lot of facilities with an app to our users. That is the main reason for having a business app for your business.  

The facilities that an app give businesses are:

  • Location finding
  • Placing orders/Home delivery
  • Appointments
  • Instant messaging
  • Push notifications
  • Offers/deals


Location Finding:

Users can easily find the location of a business with an app. Mobile devices are popular among users. They search on their cell phones to find specific places, shops, restaurants, etc.

You can also notify people when they enter your location.


Placing Orders/Home Delivery:

Home delivery became easy with mobile apps. There are a lot of businesses working with this feature of applications.

Mobile applications help to order something easily. Delivery departments get the location of customers and deliver products.

Ordering food from home became popular in the pandemic in a lot of under-developed countries.



A user can instantly call the business using the app. But from a website, it was a bit difficult for users.

Now, users can get an appointment using mobile applications.


Instant Messaging:

The instant messaging feature of mobile applications is the game-changer. Now people can directly send you a message via your business chatbot. They can also send their feedback about your services.


Push Notifications:

The next feature is Push Notifications, which is also very helpful to interact with customers. You can send different messages to aware your customers about new offers, deals, etc.



Sharing offers and deals with users became easy with mobile applications. Businesses can make awareness about their brand and products using push notifications.

Finding new products/services also became easy with apps.


What Is The Best Platform For Cross-Platform Mobile App Development?

The platform that we prefer for cross-platform app development is Flutter. Flutter is Google’s platform to develop hybrid and native applications. It uses Dart language.

The reason for which we prefer Flutter are:

  • It uses a material design that has great importance in modern development
  • It supports hot reload hot restart that helps in quick development
  • It has useful modes like development, testing, deployment
  • Flutter is platform friendly, can be merged with other languages
  • Many development tools support Flutter like Android Studio, VS Code, etc.

Hence, we use this platform.


Who To Hire For Custom Mobile App Development For Your Business?

Who To Hire For Custom Mobile App Development For Your Business?

There are two ways to get this task done.


When you have a big budget and time to spend, go for the second option. Companies always charge high because they have team members, they maintain quality, etc. And they will also take time to complete because they already have a lot of projects to do. 

But when you have a limited budget and time (15-30 days), then go for the first option. Freelancers are the best option when you have less budget to spend on development. A single person will charge less as compared to a company.


How Much It Cost To Develop An App?

When you talk about mobile app development, you will have to spend some money. Even if you are a developer, you will have to purchase app hosting, domain, etc.

If you are hiring a freelancer or development company, the cost may start from $100 and ends up at $10,000.

There is no specific range of price for a development project. It depends on the project requirements, how much it will cost.

Research about the app features, their standard prices, you will get an idea.


Do Techopedian Is Giving Mobile App Development Service?

Techopedian has a team of developers who develops mobile applications for multi-platforms. They are using Flutter technology.

Contact them to know more about the service, price, etc.

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