Emotional Advertising - The Top Way To Sell Your Products:

According to psychology, emotions are states of feelings that produce physical and psychological changes in behavior and thought. These are the psychological phenomenon that relates to mood, temperament, personality, and motivation.

Digital marketers always search for ways that are more effective and generate more sales a month.

Professionals like affiliate marketers, one-man army(single business holders),  SEO experts, social media workers also search for these things.

Of course, you are one of them, and we are here to help you.

Emotional marketing is of different types. Advertising agencies, marketers use human emotions to sell their services. These emotions are happy, sad, fear, angry, kind, etc.

We see a lot of memes all over social media. These memes tell us about some emotional things and have a message in each.

There will be two ways to do emotional marketing:

  • Hiring an agency or a freelancer
  • Do it by yourself

We will discuss the second option in this article.


Emotional Advertising - The Top Way To Sell Your Products:

How To Do Emotional Advertising?

Advertising is selling products by using different means. You may use social media, television, flyers, radio, newspapers, etc. for that.

Before marketing, make a strategy first. That will help you to reach the desired business goals.

First of all, know what you are selling. Make a list of the products. It may also be a single service/product.

When you are confirmed to sell a product/service, find the best ways to advertise. Select the medium you are using for marketing. The medium may include TV, radio, social media, flyers, Youtube ads, Google ads, etc. 

After deciding the medium, do the scheduling of your work. For how many days you are planning to advertise. It may be for weeks to months. Making a task calendar will be a good option.

After doing the essential planning phase, move to the next step. That is making an advertisement.

That is the main focus of this article.  


Find The Best Feeling:

When doing such type of marketing, research first.

Check what your competitors are doing. What human emotions are they using?

Find the best feeling to sell your products. It may be happiness, anger, sadness, motivation, etc.

When you are playing with motivation and inspiration, you will have a large canvas of work. Inspirational and motivational quotes will do their best job.

When you are showing happiness, comedy, or fun, make things that entertain people. And a little copywriting with that will be the best choice.

When sadness is your feeling to sell, draw things like that.

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Use The Editing Tools:

When you have done previous steps, move to your laptop or pc. Open the editing software and start editing.

The point is what to edit. It may be an image ad, text ad, image and text ad, or a video ad, etc. The video ads are also of a lot of types, animated, human, etc.

When it is about images or text ads, it is easy to create them. A lot of tools are available that will make responsive ads for your business. You can use any editing tool for that.

But when you are showing humans in your videos, use a good camera and a mike. Human shooting in a video is a bit difficult. An experienced person can shoot and edit a good video for you.

What Is The Best Feeling In Emotional Marketing?

The best feeling in emotional marketing are:

Fun, comedy, hope, and happiness.

These feelings make a human happy and help him/her to make the decision fast. We should use these feelings in our advertisements in different ways. We can share images, write stories, post videos, etc.


What Are The Most Important Things In Emotional Advertising?

The most important part of an emotional advertisement are:

  • Image
  • Text (quote, story, etc.)
  • Video (optional)
  • Feeling

All these are important. We cannot make an ad effective without these things.


What Are The Tools To Make An Emotional Advertisement?

A lot of photo/video editing tools can make an emotional advertisement. Some of them are:

  • Adobe Premiere Pro (video)
  • Adobe Premiere Elements (video)
  • Movavi (video)
  • Canva (image)
  • PicMonkey (image)
  • Snappa (image) , etc.

You can also use your favorite editing software to make an advertisement.

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