Competitive Advertising - Top Examples And Advantages:

When people talk about advertising, they always take help from their competitors. They check what and how people are selling. What successful competitors are doing to get a lot of sales. And it adds a lot of ideas to their business minds.

Of course, you are here to find about competitive advertising. And we are here to help you by sharing its advantages and examples. But first, we will discuss what it is.

Comparative marketing is the comparison of two or more products/services. We do comparison b/w different products in terms of price, quality, deals, service, etc. And thanks to its broad definition, Comparative Marketing can be executed across media: Tv, Outdoor, Radio, Newspapers, etc.

And it is very beneficial for your businesses to know the prices, offers, deals, quality of your competitor's products.

Competitive Advertising - Top Examples And Advantages:

Today, in this article, we will share the two main queries that people search about competitive marketing:

  • Advantages of competitive advertising
  • Examples of comparative marketing

But before discussing these, we will discuss the goal of comparative marketing.


The Goal Of Competitive Marketing:

As we already discussed in the introduction, the goal of this marketing is to communicate your products.

You use different electronic and print media to tell people what you are selling. And compare b/w prices, quality, brand, etc. 

We always see different companies and people doing their marketing all over social media. They create ads, stories, videos, etc. We also see them comparing themselves with other companies in terms of price, quality.

What do you think, what they want from us? The main goal of this is to help us to take the decision and brainwash other brands. It is a part of emotional marketing.


Advantages Of Competitive Advertising:

When you are doing competitive advertising, you will get benefits like:


More Awareness:

When you will do competitive advertising, you can spread more awareness about your brand. People will know you nationally and internationally. They will buy from you and recommend others to buy.

It is the top benefit that anyone can get from this type of marketing. More people will trust you and help you to achieve your business goals.


More Followers:

When businesses do competitive advertising, they gain more followers on electronic and print media. People like them and love to talk about them.

In electronic media, they have more chances to get identified. People watch advertisements when they are watching their favorite shows. These shows may include any YouTube video, Netflix movie, or any Tv serial.

But in print media, you can reach only those people who love to read printed papers. The papers include Newspapers, flyers, posters, etc. But it is also a great way to promote local businesses.


More Sales:

Competitive marketing can also increase the number of sales. More awareness means more business. If your followers increase on electronic/print media, your sales will automatically increase. More people will be aware of you.

Generating sales are the goal of every type of advertising. So you have to invest some budget for the marketing of your business. This budget can be used for SEO, SMM (social media marketing), Newspapers Ads, Tv ads, etc.  


Examples Of Comparative Marketing:

We see different examples of comparative marketing around us. Some of them are funny and informative. We will share a few of them in our article.


BMW vs. Mercedes:

We are discussing an example of comparative marketing in the form of a tweet that a car manufacturing company tweeted about another company.


Competitive Advertising - Top Examples And Advantages:

It was a tweet shared by BMW about Mercedes-Benz. You can see that the sports car is wearing a costume of BMW. This tweet got a lot of likes and retweets because it was a funny comparison.

The tweet shared by the company tells about the worth of BMW. It also shows the likeness of sports car users to BMW cars.


Samsung vs. Apple:

The advertisement that you are watching below is about a mobile manufacturing company Samsung.


In this ad, you see how Apple users are impressed by the new model of Samsung. The ad also shows how Samsung users are confidently walking and talking around.


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