How To Make Best-Selling Fiverr Gigs | Top-Secret Of Highly Ranked Gigs Fiverr:

We share freelancing tips regularly in our articles. Today, we will only share the top-secret of best-selling Fiverr gigs. There are a lot of ranking factors of gigs on freelance marketplaces. But some of them are more important than others. These are ones that a client likes more.

The gig type depends a lot on the service that you are selling over the internet. If you are a graphic designer or photo editor, you must have to showcase your work. For this reason, you will share it in the form of images or videos. That is mandatory.

But what if you can’t show your work in front of people. For example, you work in security or bug fixes, you only explain to people about your work. In the images or videos, you can introduce yourself. Because media shared in any service is very important for the success of a service. Hence, don’t skip this section.

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How To Make Best-Selling Fiverr Gigs | Top-Secret Of Highly Ranked Gigs Fiverr:

How To Make Best-Selling Fiverr Gigs | Top-Secret Of Highly Ranked Gigs Fiverr:

The top-secret of highly ranked and best-selling Fiverr gigs is the media that we share in a gig. It is our portfolio in the form of images, videos, audio, and PDFs. The only way to show our work on this freelancing platform is in the form of media. We can also share some information related to our work in the gig description.

But when we start chatting/meetings with clients, there will be many more ways to show our work. We can directly send people our previous work. We can give referrals to live sites/applications. We can more easily explain what we do now and what we have done before.

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Gig Images:

The gig images are the mandatory part of a gig. Our gigs are incomplete without them. These are the first thing that anyone sees on our Freelance profile. So, these should be professional, attractive, responsive, and catchy.

The dimensions for the Fiverr gig are 550×370px. And it can be up to 5Mb. The point is what to show in the image.

We should share our top work in the images. Logos, Website’s screenshots, mobile app’s screenshots, posters, brochures, articles, like things.

Taking a screenshot is very easy. Use any tool to take it. Then edit this by using any image editing tool. There are a lot of free and paid tools use for this purpose. I use Canva. It has premade templates. Canva is an online platform that helps you to edit and create images. It requires no skill to use it. If you are bad at image editing, use Canva. It will help you a lot.

There are many other tools available for editing like Photoshop, Illustrators, etc. Use them if you are good at them.

While uploading an image, rename them with your gig titles so you can get more impressions.


Gig Videos:

The freelancing marketplace Fiverr allows you to upload a video of fewer than 75 seconds and a maximum of 50MB. That should be of Landscape mode with MP4 or AVI formats.

The gig video is the top factor in getting more impressions. It is the best way to show your talent in less time. We can share a lot of work in a short video. For example, we can share our top 50 projects in a video of 50 seconds.

You can introduce yourself better in a video. A video should be of high quality but compressed size. Hence, we will cover more things in less time.

We can use our voice in a video. Or use a piece of good music that attracts people.

When you upload a video to the gig, it appears at the top. So be careful while choosing a thumbnail.

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How To Make Best-Selling Fiverr Gigs | Top-Secret Of Highly Ranked Gigs Fiverr:

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