Tips For Search Engine Keyword Ranking:

A lot of good stuff is available over the internet on the topic of SEO. But I will share my own experiences with Search engine keyword ranking. I am sharing the things I learned in less than a year about ranking on top pages, organic searches, and keywords.

I will share all this info in the form of a story first. When I started blogging and working on my site, it took a lot of time to rank on the top pages. There are a lot of factors that help to win the top positions in search engine results. Read more to find all those factors.


Tips For Search Engine Keyword Ranking:

Tips For Search Engine Keyword Ranking:

The things that I learned about SEO ranking in less than a year are:

1)    Content is king
2)    Long-tail keywords have more chances to rank
3)    You have to wait after publishing content
4)    Don’t stop creating
5)    Be regular


Content Is King:

The first thing that I learned from my web journey is that your content should be great. Unique good content has more chances to get places on the search engine results. So, produce unique and great helping content.

When I first started blogging,  I copypasted like all other newcomers and get no results. Then, I started checking plagiarism from every article. And producing different content from others. It helped me a lot. My website started getting views and clicks after some time.


Long-Tail Keywords Have More Chances To Rank:

The keyword plays an important role in the ranking of content in search engines. These are the most searched words or phrases over the internet. These can be related to any topic.

The long-tail keywords are a group of two to five words. These have more importance than short-tail keywords. The reason behind it is that you can find more accurate information by searching a phrase rather than a word. For example, you can get more accurate results by searching Top Photographers In Lahore instead of searching Top Photographers.

When I started my site, I gave the least importance to KWS. Then I worked on phrases instead of short-tail KWS, the results were excellent.

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You Have To Wait After Publishing Content:

If you have patience, you can achieve anything in life.  The next thing that I learned from my past experiences is that you have to wait after publishing content. It can take days, weeks, and even months to get your content ranked.

My two articles started getting clicks after a month after they were published. So, don’t be too quick. Produce good content and then wait.

The other tip is to create more content regularly instead of waiting for the last one to get ranked.


Don’t Stop Creating:

Post updated information on your site. Search engines like fresh content.

Update it after every few weeks (or months) of posting content. Your content will have more chances of getting clicks and views.

It will take time to get into SERPS but can help you to maintain your position.


Be Regular:

The most given tip by me is to be regular. Being regular in anything helps to achieve success.

Regularity in publishing content helps your site to get more popular. You will have more keywords to rank, whether short-tail and long-tail. You will have more paragraphs with accurate answers. You will have more post titles that people search over the internet.

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