Top Ways Of Fiverr Gig Promotion Without Money:

Every freelancer wants to earn more and invest less. Of course, you are one of them. We will help you by sharing the top ways of Fiverr gig promotion without money. These are easy to do and impacts a lot on your freelance profiles.

A good freelance profile has something special than others. That is their portfolio, their gigs (images, descriptions, titles, etc.), and their way to present in front of sellers. That is the SEO of gigs.

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Top Ways Of Fiverr Gig Promotion Without Money:

Top Ways Of Fiverr Gig Promotion Without Money:

Fiverr is a popular freelance marketplace. It has become the most popular and demanded freelance marketplace nowadays. The reason behind the popularity of Fiverr is buying and selling the services for a low amount. You can purchase or sell a service for only 5 dollars. But many people are earning hundreds of dollars from it. It depends on the service that you are selling on Fiverr.

Fiverr is working in such a way that sellers post offers in the form of gigs. These gigs are the best way to showcase your service/product. The other way is the buyer’s requests. By using them, sellers can also interact with buyers.

Fiverr gigs are promoted by different methods. The marketplace is giving some paid options to rank on top pages. They (Fiverr) advertise seller’s profiles after getting paid from them. But there are some other easy, free, and useful methods of promotions of gigs. These are:


  • Gig SEO
  • Blog
  • Youtube
  • Social Media


Gig SEO:

SEO means search engine optimization. The point is how you can do it on Fiverr. As we discussed earlier, Fiverr is giving facilities to both parties, customers, and sellers. The customers search different queries, words, or phrases on these platforms. These are called keywords. By using these KWS wisely in our content, we can rank our services at the top pages.

To do SEO of your gig, first of all, find all the KWS related to your service. Then, shortlist them and use them everywhere in your content. Optimize them in your gig title, description, Faqs, packages, image tags, and URL.

Take care of somethings while optimizing a KW. Don’t overfill your content with KWS. Freelance marketplaces allow you 5% KD.  

You can use any keyword searching tool or use the freelancing platform to do this job for you. Write your desired service in the search bar and find all the results.



The blogs can send traffic to your freelance profiles. Start a blog about your niche. Make good content, get more traffic, and send people to your profiles. Tell people about your services at the end of every blog post.

You can share your portfolio on your blog site. A more number of people will see them and buy your services from your freelance account.

A blog is a good and cheap way to rank your freelance services. Create a page on your site that tells people about your services, packages, and contact details. Share your work with traffic coming on your blog.  

An attractive showcase always attracts more people. Showcase your services effectively. So you can get more orders.

Always redirect your blog traffic to your freelance marketplaces.



Youtube is a video-sharing platform. But it also sends people to different places through the links shared in the descriptions. If you are a YouTuber, you have an opportunity to get more freelance projects. Share your profile link everywhere on Yt. In the comment section and descriptions.

Youtube also helps you in getting orders. Create portfolio or gig videos and share your profile links in descriptions with your viewers. Your visitors can buy services from you if they get inspired by your work.

Youtube also sends people to different websites by using ads. But it is a paid method. You can use it if you can invest money. Or you can use the descriptions and comment section of videos to promote your product/service.

It is a free platform where you can interact with people live or in the form of videos. Tell people about yourself, what you are selling, its benefits. The inspired people will buy from you.  

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Social Media:

Social Media gives several benefits to freelancers. It helps sellers to sell their services online. And to promote free of cost. There are several groups and pages available to help you. Create your own or take help from others.

SM also gives paid ad methods to reach a more targeted audience. But it needs a budget.

Creating a Facebook page is very easy. Create your business page and start promoting your product/service free of cost. Share your page links on different pages, groups, and with your friends.

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Instagram can also be used to promote your services. Use hashtags to reach more people. Share your profile link in the bio. Create swipe-up stories to maintain regularity and share offers.

Pinterest is best for images. Share different snaps of your work on Pinterest, get views and increase your buyers.

The Twitter platform can help you a lot. Write short tweets, share an image or video and send people to your services page directly.

LinkedIn is used to share job experiences worldwide. It is the platform of professionals. Use it to create more sales. Share your work with your connections. Tell them about your skills and how much experienced you are.


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