Manage Social Accounts Easily With Facebook Business Manager:

Do you want to get rid of posting on different social accounts separately? Facebook Business Manager is helping people managing their Facebook and Instagram accounts from one dashboard.

This article will helpful for every person who is fond of using social media. If you also love to manage social business accounts, then read.


Manage Social Accounts Easily With Facebook Business Manager:

Manage Social Accounts Easily With Facebook Business Manager:

While working on social media campaigns, people usually check their progress manually. But Facebook Business Manager gives the facility to track everything from a single platform. It is free and easy to use.  

Read the guide below step by step to learn how to manage your social accounts effectively.


What Is Facebook Business Manager?

The Facebook Business Manager is a platform created to manage social business accounts. They have their web dashboard as well as a mobile app.

It was developed to manage advertisements, notifications, reach, etc. It helps to check how successfully your pages are growing. You can track your day-by-day progress on social media.

The FBM helps to organize and secure your content. It avoids distractions. If you have more than one page, you can move from one to second by a back and forth option. It was difficult to watch everything separately, but FBM makes it easy.


How Facebook business Manager Helps People?

The FBM is helping people in many ways:

It helps to create attractive posts from a single dashboard

It saves time for people

It helps to cross-post on social accounts IG and FB.

It gives insights information effectively

People can check inbox from a single dashboard

Multiple pages can easily accessed


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How To Set Up An Account On Facebook business Manager?

The first thing before creating an account is you should have your business assets. The business assets mean pages, ad accounts, or product catalogs.

Then, follow the steps:

1)   First set up your account at business.facebook.com/overview
2)   Once you have set up business manager, go to business settings
3)   then start using your FBM


How Facebook Business Manager Helps In Making Posts?

The FBM has Create Post button from where you can easily cross-post on multiple accounts.

The Create Post option gives the facility to add text, image, video, create videos, promotions.

Some features are native. For example, You can directly post links on Facebook but not on Instagram.  Manage these things while creating a post.


What FBM Tells About Insights?

The platform also tells the businesses how their posts are reaching people. It tells about clicks, comments, likes, etc.

It gives a complete overview of your insights as well as the details.

We can check the trends of our accounts in specific time spams.

We can also check content-wise insights. E.g post-by-post.


How To Track Your Social Audience?

We can check information about our audience by using Facebook Business Manager. It tells, How aged is our audience? Are they male or female? To which country they belong?

Knowing your audience helps in targeting them.

Click on the ‘INSIGHTS’ and check the needed information about your social audience.

It also tells your number of followers on IG and likes on Facebook.


Promotions Became Easy With FBM:

If you want to promote your page or boost your posts, FBM will help you a lot.

It helps in the following promotions:

·        Get started with automated ads
·        Boost a Facebook post
·        Boost an Instagram post
·        Get more messages
·        Promote your page
·        Get more website visitors
·        Get more leads

After spending some amount on your social business promotions, you can reach more people.


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