Instagram Or TikTok? Which One Is Best?

This article is going to be helpful to all those people who are confused about two popular social media platforms. And they are using any one of them to show their talent or to grow their business. Instagram and TikTok have more than a billion users worldwide. Both platforms have their plus points and drawbacks that we will discuss today. Read carefully and then decide which one is best for you.


Instagram Or TikTok? Which One Is Best?

Instagram Or TikTok? Which One Is Best?

Some points will help you to compare these two social media sites. These are:


What is your profession?

The first thing that will help you to decide between these two social media is your profession. Do you want to use social media for your business marketing? If yes, then read this point.

First of all, know about your profession. Check what other people in your field are doing on social media. Are they just marketing or also making sales?

If you an artist, you can grow followers on TikTok fastly. It is the best platform to promote comedy, acting, music, painting, etc. You can become a celebrity with hard work less than Tv. Show your talent to people and grow more fans.

But if you are running a services business, Instagram can help you to grow your buyers. You can use IG for a lot of purposes. As an artist, it is best for your photo and video sharing. And you can also do your business using Ig. It can help you to sell your products as well as do affiliate marketing.  

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What type of content do you want to produce?

The next thing that can help you decide on B/W TikTok and Instagram is content. If you like producing videos, you can move to both platforms. But if you are only interested in photography, then IG is best for you.

Tiktok is a video-sharing social media where you can also post slideshows of your photos. It has limits on videos. You can only post video content on Tiktok. Although some businesses are promoting themselves using it. Saloons, Makeup parlors, clothing brands, and food businesses have more opportunities to get promotions on it.

Instagram has a wide range of content. You can upload photos, videos, stories, etc. You can also use a great feature of IG that is Go Live. It gives more opportunities for doing business to people. You can produce and share content that you like.


Do you need a fan following or not?

The next thing to decide b/w these two is the fan following. If you are only interested in making fans, then read.

Tiktok has more chances of growing fans quickly more than Instagram. The reason is it has more users. Even illiterate people are using Tiktok. It is easy to use because people can watch videos by only scrolling. You can grow more followers by showing your talent in the form of videos. You can share acting, music, funny, comedy content and become a social media celebrity.

Growing fan following is difficult on Instagram. It has more functionalities that sometimes become hard for technology illiterates. They don’t use IG for that reason. A person with good knowledge of technology can grow fans of it.


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