How To Use Facebook Creator Studio?

If you are wandering for a useful tool to manage your social media accounts, then you are at the right place. Facebook Creator Studio will help you to manage your Facebook pages and Instagram accounts. It is free and easy to use. It will help you to manage your personal and business accounts. Read to explore more about the tool.


How To Use Facebook Creator Studio?

How To Use Facebook Creator Studio?

First of all, login to your Fb and Ig social accounts. Then, go to the Facebook creator studio, and start managing your content and audience.


Firstly, we will discuss your Facebook page. On the dashboard of the creator studio, you will find different useful options.

On the left side of the dashboard, there is a menu icon. That helps to explore all the options.

Below the menu icon, a button ‘create post’ is available. From where you can create posts, test posts, add stories, upload videos, multiple videos, Go Live, and post video across pages.

On the home page, you can also create posts and do all tasks discussed above. There are also insights options available from where you can check performance, clicks, comments, etc.

Below the home option in the menu, the content library is available. In this section, you can check all published posts, all posts, drafts, scheduled posts, expired posts and expiring posts, etc. We can also check the post status, published dates, details, and impressions. In this section, we can also check stories, videos, instant articles, etc. Post-testing is also available in FCS.

Below the content library, Insights is present. You can check your audience, overview, video performance, stories performance, and call to action.

Then, the inbox is present in the menu. From where you can personally interact with people. Read and reply to their messages.

Below all this stuff, the monetization option is present. You can track your earnings if your pages and content are eligible for monetization.

The setting option will help you to check page roles and the number of followers on your page.

Then you have a resources option, from where you can manage your ads, instant articles, and shop, etc.

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How to connect Instagram to Facebook creator studio?

On the top bar of Facebook Creator Studio, you will find two icons of Facebook and Instagram. These will help you to switch between both platforms. Click on the IG icon, and connect your IG account.


How To Use Facebook Creator Studio?

The second thing that you can manage by using this useful tool is your Instagram accounts.

When managing your IG, you will find similar options that were available for Facebook pages. But there are some new things present for IG.

In the content library, you have options like posts, videos, photos, carousel, stories, and IGTV. You can check all the needed information like the number of likes, comments, published dates, insights, etc.

Then, you have a calendar that will tell you about your monthly activity on your accounts.

Then, the Insights option is present. That will tell you about the complete performance of your accounts. For example, website visits, emails, link referrals, calls, and profile visits.

Monetization is available for your IG business or personal account if you are eligible.

And at last, there is an Instagram accounts option present to switch between your accounts. The resources option is the same like on Facebook to manage ads, events, etc.

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We hope you discovered a useful tool today with us. But if you already know about it, you will have explored a lot of things with us.


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