February 02, 2021

How To Rank Fiverr Gig In 2021?

A common problem that a lot of beginner freelancers face is that their Fiverr gig does not rank. We will discuss some secret tips to rank new gigs on freelance marketplaces. These methods will also help you to get more freelance projects. Read the given tips word by word to get all this useful information.


How To Rank Fiverr Gig In 2021?

How To Rank Fiverr Gig In 2021?

Fiverr is a popular marketplace used worldwide to freelance. We can sell our services a minimum of up to 5 dollars. Creating a profile on Fiverr is very easy. But ranking your profile to earn money is difficult because of too much competition. Follow the tips given below to get success on this most popular freelance marketplace.


  • Research before creating
  • Do SEO
  • Create professional images
  • Upload a video
  • Write description wisely


Research Before Creating:

The first important tip about creating gigs is to do research. Check at least ten popular profiles of your category. Check their gig images, descriptions, titles, their way of writing, etc. You can get work motivation from your freelance competitors.

The research before entering the field is always helpful. Check how people are playing on freelance sites. Read the description of your competitor’s gigs thoroughly. Watch their gig videos and learn about creating your own.



SEO (Search engine optimization) is a way to get your content rank on search engines. Use the search bar on the freelance platform to find popular keywords. These keywords are the most searched words on freelance marketplaces. You can also use any tool to find popular KWs.

After finding keywords, optimize them in your content. Use the keyword at least one time in your gig title and five times in descriptions. But don’t overfill your content with Kws. You can use a keyword five times in your gig content. Also, use them in your image alt tags, packages, and FAQs, etc.

The SEO of your gig will help you to rank your services. There are some other ways through which you can get a high rank. And that is your performance and activity on the freelance marketplace.


Create Professional Images:

The images are the essential part of a gig. These are the first thing that anyone sees about a freelancer’s profile. The gig image should be professional, attractive, and catchy.

While creating a gig image, take care of these few things. Create images that completely show your skill. Use contrast colors. Don’t copy others and make your content. Write the text as little as possible.  

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Upload A Video:

The gig video gives more importance to the gigs. The video should include an intro of a freelancer, his/her skills, portfolio, experiences, etc.  A video helps a buyer to know quickly about the freelancers. We recommend you always add videos to your freelancing profiles.


Write Description Wisely:

The description is the thing that every buyer reads about the freelancers. Always write the description wisely. The first paragraph should catch the attention of the readers so that they can read more. Write about your experiences, skills, and complete information about the projects that you will do.

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