February 01, 2021

Flutter Widgets Explained | What Are Widgets In Flutter:

We are going to discuss the Flutter Widgets in this article. If you are learning mobile app development in Flutter, then you are at the right place. Read the article completely to know more about the topic.


Flutter Widgets Explained | What Are Widgets In Flutter:

Flutter Widgets Explained | What Are Widgets In Flutter:

Everything in the Flutter is a widget. Some are very useful and used mostly in all the apps. These are:


Text Widget is a commonly used widget in Flutter. When you have to use text in your app, make a parent class of it. You can do the styling of your text. There are different styles like font-size, font-weight, color, etc.



The next important widget is the media query. MediaQuery is used to deal with the responsiveness of the flutter application. It can help you to give a fixed part of the screen to a widget. For example, 20% of the screen is for the story part.



The padding is the inner side margin of a widget. It is useful for the beautifying of the app. Give the same margin to all sides or only a single side.



The theme is useful for beautifying the application. We can define the same text style, font size, colors, and styles using the theme widget.



Sometimes we have to show our data in the form of lists. The lists may be our scores in a subject, or workout days, etc. This listview is useful when we deal with a long number of data.



The scroll view is useful to move the screen horizontally or vertically. Sometimes we have a lot of data that we cannot display on the available screen part. The scroll view is beneficial in those places. We also see scroll view in social media applications.



The scaffold widget is used to create pages. A single scaffold is a page. The scaffold is used in every screen of the applications.



The next useful widget is the app bar. We can add AppBar to our app if we need. It is the topmost bar of the application.



We see buttons everywhere in mobile applications. The buttons have different functions.



The image widget is also used mostly in our apps. We can use it locally or from the internet.




The container widget is like a box. We can use it and then beautify it according to our choice.


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