January 29, 2021

How To Learn Flutter Fast | Learn Mobile App Development Quickly:

If you want to learn mobile app development with new technology, then you are at the right place. You can learn mobile app development free of cost without investing a penny. We suggest you learn Flutter Mobile App development. You can learn it from their official website. There are many other platforms from where you will get the helping material. Read the article completely to get some more information about the topic.


How To Learn Flutter Fast | Learn Mobile App Development Quickly:

How To Learn Flutter Fast | Learn Mobile App Development Quickly:

You have to follow some steps to learn this skill effectively.


  1. Learn basic syntax
  2. Follow the documentation
  3. Start front end design
  4. Run-on mobile devices
  5. Check responsiveness
  6. Do backend


Learn Basic Syntax:

The syntax is the grammatical rules to write programs. If you want to be a perfect Flutter developer, then learn the basic syntax rules. Learn how to create classes, methods, variables, etc. There are many other things that you have to learn. Everything in the Flutter is a widget. Different widgets are used to create an application.

After learning the structure of a program, you will be able to design professional applications.


Follow The Documentation:

The next tip is to follow the documentation. The documentation will help you to cover the basics of development.

The documentation covers how to get started, samples & tutorials, front-end design, data &  backend, platform integration, testing/debugging, etc. Reading and implementing the documentation thoroughly will make you a professional app developer.


Start Front End Design:

After learning the basics of flutter, start your project. Do the front end development first. Create attractive pages using different widgets. You can also take help from pre-made templates. Or visit the app stores for motivation.

After doing the complete front-end design, move to the next steps.


Run-On Mobile Devices:

Check your project by running on different mobile devices. You can also do it with the help of an emulator on your device.

Running the app on different small, large-sized devices will help you to test the design.


Check Responsiveness:

Your project should be runnable on different devices. Check that your designs should look good on all devices.  

Run your app on tablets, mobiles of small and large screen sizes to check the responsiveness. Or do it by creating different emulators on your computer.


Do Back End:

Start backend of your application. Learn how to push API, and create a database for your app. Connect Firebase or any other database with your mobile app.

There are different databases that you can use for your app. Check local or web storage for your app.


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