Best Online Passive Income Ideas In 2021:

If you are bored with your 9-5 work schedule and finding online passive income ideas, you are at the right place. Sometimes, you need extra money to meet your daily needs. The ideas shared here are useful in earning extra money.

It is not very difficult to make a passive income without too much hard work. You have to remain active for a short period. And you will eat the fruit for months. There are a lot of ways to make it possible. We are sharing top popular and realistic ways of making money without too much hard work.

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Best Online Passive Income Ideas In 2021:

Best Online Passive Income Ideas In 2021:

The best ways to make a passive income are:

  • E-Books
  • Blog
  • Website
  • Mobile App
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Courses
  • Freelancing
  • Youtube
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Social Media



If you are good at writing, then write an e-book and sell it using different platforms. You can sell it through your ways or take help from affiliate marketers. An E-book can give you a lot of benefits. Choose a micro-niche and produce quality content so that you can find loyal readers all over the world.

E-books can provide helping material to people from different areas. For example, an e-book of sweet cooking recipes will be helpful for mothers to make delicious foods. Choose a niche according to your expertise. So that money of your readers doesn’t get wasted. And they can become your permanent readers in the future.



Start a blog if you want to earn online without too much hard work. You can use this blog for different purposes in the future. Sponsored posts, affiliate links, selling products/services, and courses on your blogs can make online money for you while you are asleep. But be sure to choose a niche before starting a blog.

A blog produces money in different ways. It can pay you by showing advertisements of ad networks on your posts. It also pays you by your affiliate links. You can also give paid promotions to people and businesses with your blog. The popular ad network is Google AdSense. Use it or any other of your choice.



A website can make money for you in different ways. You can use this website for selling your services and products or for affiliate marketing. You can post sponsored posts, free and paid courses, and much more, etc. Advertisements on your website can make passive income while you don’t work. You can also use your site for paid promotions.

There are hundreds of services that can be given to people using websites.


Mobile App:

A good mobile app with a lot of users can also help you to earn a passive amount. Choose a niche before creating your app. You can create your app by yourself (if you can) or take help from developers. A mobile app can make money for you in two ways. The first one is by showing ads to users, and the second one is selling your services/products. 


Affiliate Marketing:

Do affiliate marketing if you are good at social media, emails, and SEO, etc. Affiliate marketers make money by selling products and getting commissions on every sale made by them. There are different affiliate networks. Amazon is a popular one. Register to any affiliate network and start doing the marketing of products. There are a lot of tools that you can use in affiliate marketing. Like social media platforms, e-commerce websites/apps, email marketing, etc.



The courses are also a popular way of earning these days. These can easily make passive income for you. Regularly update these courses with time.

While creating a course, use good quality tools. A high-quality camera, editing software, and a good microphone will beautify your content. Take help from animation makers and graphic designers to polish your work. Divide your work into lessons and create a quiz at the end of every chapter.



Freelancing can also make passive money for you. You can continue it with your job. You have to register for any freelancing platform and sell your services online. There are a lot of services sold on freelance marketplaces. Some popular services are website design & development, search engine optimization, digital marketing, mobile app development, video editing, graphic design, freelance writing, etc.

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Youtube is a platform that can also make money for you. You have to create video content on Youtube. And you will be paid for the advertisements shown in your videos. There are different topics on which you can produce content. You can provide education, entertainment, and infotainment to people with your videos.


Virtual Assistant:

Being a virtual assistant can be very helpful in making money this year. You can help people with different tasks like their data entry, social media management, email writing, making phone calls, online meetings with clients, scheduling, and much more. Everyone is busy in their daily life routine. You can be their virtual assistant on a weekly or monthly basis.


Social Media:

Social media can give you a lot of benefits. If you are good at social media, you can manage the social media pages of different businesses. You can also use social media for marketing your services/products. A social media manager can make a handsome amount of money. If you are good at Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, Youtube, Twitter, and Pinterest, choose social media for earning.

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Best Online Passive Income Ideas In 2021:


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