How To Make Freelance Gigs?

Freelancers should take care of some things while creating freelance gigs. We will share some tips that will help you to create and rank your gigs on freelance marketplaces. Gig images, keywords, videos have more importance than other things. Because keywords help in search engine optimization and images/videos help to showcase work. Follow these tips to become a pro in creating ranking gigs.


How To Make Freelance Gigs?

How To Make Freelance Gigs?

  1. Find keywords for your service
  2. Research about your service
  3. Optimize keywords in the gig
  4. Create catchy images
  5. Upload an introductory video


Find Keywords For Your Service:

The first tip is to find keywords for your service. You can find it by using different keyword planner tools. You can also find KW’s by searching on freelance sites. Go to your freelance marketplace, and search for the service which you are going to sell. You will find some relatively short-tail and long-tail keywords. Write on a paper or word file to use later. Find at least five to ten KWs.

The keywords have much importance in SEO. These are the words or phrases most searched on search engines. When you need to reach people, find what they search for. It can rank your content on search engines. Long-tail keywords have more importance than short-tail. Use the exact phrases that people search.


How To Make Freelance Gigs?

Research About Your Service:

The second thing is to do some research work. Go to freelance sites and check the services of others. Check titles, descriptions, tags, images, videos, packages, and FAQs of popular sellers. Always do planning before starting to sell something online. Research what and how people are selling. How they communicate with people?

Your learning also is a part of research and planning. When you complete your research about freelance services, learn what people sell. Learn something new daily. Your work should speak for yourself. Know about your competitors. Check how they are playing on freelancing sites. Get motivation and inspiration from them.


Optimize Keywords In The Gig:

The next tip is to optimize keywords in all the places in the gig. Start by title and URL. Use one or two keywords in the title and URL of your service. Then use these popularly searched words in the description with 5% keyword density. Don’t overfill your content with KWs. Use at least one time in all the packages and FAQs. Then optimize the keywords in the images and videos.

Freelance sites allow you to write a keyword five times in a hundred words. But, other search engines allow you 2% KD, which means two out of a hundred. Rename your images with the title of your service so that images can also rank. Packages, FAQs, tags shouldn’t be ignored while writing a gig. Optimize KWs also in them.


Create Catchy Images:

The next most important tip is to design catchy, professional, and attractive images for your service. Use relevant dimensions and create them professionally.  Hire designers if you aren’t good at design. You can also use online editing tools to create images for your freelance business. The Canva is used for creating gig images. There are many other free and paid tools available that help you in creating, designing, and editing images.

Take care of colors while designing an image for your service. The contrast makes things more visible. Use the light text on dark background and dark on light. Show the mockups of your work. Don’t overfill your image with text.

How To Make Freelance Gigs?

Upload An Introductory Video:

It is also an important part that is ignored by many freelancers. A gig video can explain a lot in less than a minute about your service. Create an introductory video of yourself and your products/services and upload it to your freelance account. You can get more customers by using this technique. A good video attracts people and explains more in less time.

A video on a gig gives more importance to service. Decorate your account with very professional images and videos. These are the showcases of your work. Buyers judge you by your portfolio and client’s reviews on your profile.


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