December 13, 2020

How To Become Fiverr's Choice?

This article is useful for all the freelancers because we will discuss tips to become a Fiverr's choice in this article. We will share how to get ranked on freelance sites. The successful freelancers are those who are getting orders and earning more than others. There are a lot of ways to achieve success on these platforms. Some of them are shared in the next paragraph.


How To Become Fiverr's Choice?

How To Become Fiverr's Choice?

  • Remain active
  • Reply to your clients
  • Collect positive feedback
  • Get more orders
  • Follow the schedule


Remain Active:

The first tip to get successful on the freelance marketplaces is to remain active all the time. Fiverr has recently introduced a new feature in which buyers can find online sellers using a filter. So, the platform is giving more importance to the online community. The decision is yours. Hire an assistant if you cannot remain active all the time. He/she will reply to your clients. He/she should also have good knowledge of the industry and communication skills. Your other team members can also do this duty for you. Divide your time into two or three parts and share your work with your team.


Reply To Your Clients:

Always reply to your clients. If they are not buying, help them in decision making. They can buy your services in the future. Every buyer on freelance sites is an asset. As we discussed earlier, hire a person if you cannot give your time to answer the questions of your customers. Quick responses are always helpful in the profile rankings. Your quick response will make them happy. It will maximize the chances of getting orders.


Collect Positive Feedback:

Always try to get positive feedback from your customers. Request them to write some positive sentences after every job you have done for them. A seller with more positive feedback has more chances to get ranked on freelancing sites. New customers always like sellers with good reviews. To achieve more good reviews, communicate with your buyers effectively.  


Get More Orders:

The next way to become a choice of freelance marketplaces is getting more orders. You can get more orders in different ways. The one way of them is the use of social media. Bring your followers and friends to your freelancing accounts. If you own a website, redirect your visitors to your freelance profiles so you can get a high ranking. You can also pay for your advertising. Your goal should be to earn more and win more orders from these platforms.


Follow The Schedule:

Give products to buyers on time. They will like you and will again come to you for work. Always give timely deliveries. If you can complete a task in a single day, complete it. More jobs done will help you to get a high ranking on these sites. Do scheduling of your work. Scheduling work will help you in many ways. It can increase productivity at work. You can also manage your team tasks in a better way.


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