What blog to start to make money?

We will discuss what blog to start to make money in this article. This info is useful for the new bloggers who are confused about the blog’s topics. These topics are helpful to make a money-making site. If you are a writer and don’t know what to write, then I am here to tell you. I will share trending topics on the internet with you. You can achieve your desired traffic to your website after some hard work.


What blog to start to make money?

What blog to start to make money?

The topics for successful blogging sites this year are:

  • Jobs
  • Health/Fitness
  • Skills
  • Free codes/designs
  • News
  • Celebrity/movies/serials news
  • Free images and videos
  • Free tools
  • Reviews site
  • Video games



The most searched topic on search engines is jobs. A lot of people all over the world are looking for jobs. Post new jobs regularly on your website. These may be part-time, full-time, permanent, and temporary.

There are a lot of job seekers and unemployed people around us. We can help them with posting job vacancies. Search in newspapers, job sites, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc., and post it on your site. You can help people to earn online from the internet.  



The next niche is health/fitness. We can share a lot of things regularly on this topic. Hundreds of tips are posted and read over the internet on these topics. You can help people with correct fitness and health tips on your blog.

Fitness is a trending thing on the internet these years. People search for weight gain, weight loss tips, and tools online. They need to look attractive and become healthy.

Health tips are also a good topic. Share different exercises to become healthy. You can sell your health products through this method.  



Skills are the best thing to share for free on your blog. People need to learn different skills to become successful in their lives. You can give this service free of cost. Help people in their learning phase. They will pay you by becoming your site visitor/subscriber/reader.

Help them in writing, reading, video creating and editing, logo making, coding, programming, etc. You can train your visitors for free. Teach programming languages on your blog. Tell them how to do business. Ecommerce, digital marketing, graphic design, are trending. Teach them free of cost. You can also get visitors to paid course sites. It’s up to you.


Free Codes/Designs:

There are a lot of coders, programmers, and designers who wander on the internet to get free codes and designs. You can make a site sharing such type of information. Help coders and designers through your coding and designing skills.

Create designs and give them free on your website. Also, share backend codes. Make UI/UX designs and share them with your subscribers and visitors. Give difficult codes to provide ease to people.  



The news websites also get a lot of traffic. You can share trending news on your site. There are many other topics in this niche on which you can write. For example, you can share trending tech news, celebrity news, business news, etc.


Celebrity/Movies/Serials News:

The next searched topic is for entertainment purposes. People search for biographies of celebrities. Movies and serials coming dates are also useful for them. You can write reviews about movies and serials. Write about the cast of dramas.


Free Images/Videos:

These are searched a lot on the internet. Make a photography site and share images free of cost. You can also give some paid features on your site. Share royalty-free videos with your subscribers. In this way, you can get more traffic.


Free Tools:

There are a lot of tools used online. People check plagiarism, grammar in their written documents. They search for editing tools that make their work attractive. Give them on your site. There are a lot of other tools used over the internet. You can create content making tool, image resizers, voice converter, videos compressor, etc. 


Reviews Site:

Give reviews on different devices like mobiles, laptops, etc. Give your point of view about Govt. business policies. Write something about movies and dramas. You can also sell products on these types of websites. Give your affiliate links to earn commissions on every sale made by you.


Video Games:

Video games are a trending thing these days. Many people moved from physical games to video games. Write reviews and share tips/techniques to play games. You can also sell your gaming products through it.



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