5 Ways To Increase Organic Search Of New Site:

We will discuss the top 5 ways that will help you to do SEO of your website and increase the organic search. These ways will help you to get more traffic on your news site. You can do all the work without paid promotions. It will help you to increase searches and clicks without paying a penny. A lot of visitors will automatically come to see and use your content. Read the complete article to get all these tips.

5 Ways To Increase Organic Search Of New Site:

5 Ways To Increase Organic Search Of New Site:

The most useful ways to increase traffic without paying for advertisements are:

  • High-quality content
  • Keywords optimization
  • Backlinks
  • Freshness
  • Media (images, videos) usage


High-Quality Content:

The first tip to get popular on search engines is creating high-quality content on your site. Your site structure should also be responsive and mobile-friendly. That grabs attraction. Create content that should be accurate. Don’t give the wrong information on your website. Help people through your articles. You can also write on trending topics.

High-quality content can include useful articles, free images/videos, helpful tools, news, courses, biographies, etc. Share something that helps people for different purposes. That can be beneficial in their personal or professional lives. You can also charge for your services but always give some free features. It will attract more people to your website.


Keywords Optimization:

The second way is to optimize keywords on your site’s pages and posts. Find the best long-tail and short-tail keywords using different KWFinder (Keyword finder tools). Use the best KW’s of them. While using these KW’s, take care of keyword density. Using 0.5 KD in articles is enough. It means one keyword in 200 words. Check their volume also by using these tools. You can also check the average monthly searches of these specific words. Check KW value also. All these things will help your site to rank on the first pages.

While optimizing keywords, don’t fill your content with them. These are just like a topic for an article. Give accurate information regarding any KW. Use it within your post titles, images, permalinks, etc. There are different tags in which we should use them. Don’t forget to use them in the search descriptions. All the things we have shared are important in On-Page SEO. 



The third way is to create backlinks. These are just like referrals to your site. Give internal and external links on your sites. These are of two types: Do-follow and No-follow. By using backlinks, you will increase the authority of your site. Your number of users and subscribers can also increase by using this technique. Without backlinks, your site cannot achieve its milestones.

Internal links are those links on your site that direct users to your site. These should be do-follow links. Link your one post to others and one page to other pages by using these links. The external links are referrals to other sites. Give referrals only for old and authorized sites. These links can be No-Follow or Do-Follow. Backlinks are also a factor while doing SEO and SEM.



The next way to get more users is by creating fresh content regularly. The search engines give priority to regularly updated content. Write and update your articles regularly. Give high-quality content and updates after every few weeks or months. It will help you to increase more organic searches. It is an important ranking factor. Give some content to search engines every single day. Work hard on paragraphs as well as pages. These are the search engine’s ranking factors.

You can update in such a way that adding more information to any article. Cut the irrelevant things and edit them. Update the NEWS website every hour. Google gives priority to fresh content. So, create content and update it regularly.


Media (Images/Videos) Usage:

The last way is the usage of media. Enhance your work by using images and videos. It will increase the quality of your website. You can get more searches through images.

Enhance your work with images and videos. Use a responsive theme for your site. It should be mobile-friendly. The images also help in getting searches. Google images show only image results. Upload images in every article. Videos are also the best way of getting more viewers. We can also use Youtube videos on our sites. These also appear when a user searches for a query. Videos, images, and text data are showed mostly.


In this article, we have discussed five ways to increase more organic searches on our websites. We share tips and techniques to do affordable SEO. The ways we discussed were high-quality content, backlinks, freshness, media, and keywords optimization. There are a lot of other factors that we will discuss in our other posts or the updated versions.  


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