How To Choose A Career In Computer Science? | List Of Professions:

After reading this article, you will be able to know how to choose a career in computer science from a long list of professions. We are helping the graduates in their career planning. Read the tips given to decide what to choose and what to leave.


How To Choose A Career In Computer Science List Of Professions

How To Choose A Career In Computer Science?

The ways to successfully decide about a profession are:

  • Finding passion
  • Learning skills
  • Polishing skills
  • Being consistent
  • Never stop learning

Finding Passion:

The first way to select a career from a long list of professions is to find your passion. During this process, check on your hobbies, likeness, and dislike ness of things.  As we are talking about computer science, we will discuss its fields of work. Maybe you are a person with good design skills. Move towards graphic design, UI/UX designs of mobile apps and websites. If you are a programmer by passion, do programming. If you are a good tester, move towards the testing of systems. A person with cybersecurity knowledge should move to this category.

Maybe you like a lot of things. You can’t become an expert in everything. Hence, select that career in which you are pro. But if you are a beginner or don’t know which you like, move to the next step. That is the post requisite after decision making.


Learning Skills:

The second step after finding your passion is learning. Do some planning and make a schedule. Find ways where and how to learn. You can purchase books or start courses to learn new skills. There are a lot of free and paid online courses available. You can also learn from Youtube. It is free to learn new things.

The point is what to learn before applying for a job? What skills are needed to start that specific business? The answer is to learn everything related to that job/business. If you need to make good designs, learn the software to show your creativity. You are going to code, start a high-level language like Python or Java. Find and use testing tools if you are going to be a tester. Learning a skill is not the last step. Read the next one given below.


Polishing Skills:

As we are going to choose a career in computer science, polishing our skills is also mandatory. Polishing means practicing a lot. Beautifying our work and making it more professional should be the main focus.

We can do this effectively when will know different ways and techniques to do a task. Find the best practices to achieve your work goals. Divide the complete project into chunks. Work on each part of the project one by one. Polishing a skill was also not the last step. Move to the next one.


Being Consistent:

When we are working on the same type of things, we may get bored or tired. It may result in the stopping of work. To get rid of these things, we should motivate ourselves. Get work inspiration before work. Being consistent in life will make you achieve what you need.

Consistency is also the key to success in the computer field. When learning skills, polishing them, never get dishearted from failures. Every failure is the next step towards your goal.


Never Stop Learning:

Never stop learning when you have to achieve a lot. Learn new things. It will make your mind fresh and up to date. You can start learning new skills. Read as much as you can.  Watch videos to get more knowledge. And most important, practice a lot. Do smart work instead of hard work.

List Of Professions In Computer Science:

There are a lot of careers for computer graduates. The popular of them are:

  • Software engineer
  • IT/SW project manager
  • Website developer
  • Mobile application developer
  • Front end designer
  • Tester
  • Cybersecurity specialist
  • Database administrator


Software Engineer:

A software engineer is responsible for the complete SDLC processes. He/she manages the development phases starting from requirements gathering to the testing and deployment of systems. A full-stack developer should choose this career as a job.


IT/SW Project Manager:

A project manager manages the complete IT or Software project. He/she is responsible for human resources as well as other things like cost, time, hardware, etc. A person with good communication skills and field knowledge can select this job.


Website Developer:

The next career is as a website developer. In this job, you have to develop websites using different technologies like HTML, CSS, PHP, JS, etc. A person can be a full-stack web developer or responsible for a single task like back-end, front-end, etc. Website development has a lot of competition so you will have to learn a lot. Update yourself according to the upcoming technologies.


Mobile Application Developer:

A mobile application developer develops applications for mobile devices like cell phones, tablets, etc. These are developed for different operating systems like iOS, Android, etc. The popular languages in Android development is Java and Kotlin.


Frontend designer:

A person who is responsible for the UI/UX designs of websites, mobile apps, desktop apps, etc. He/she is a person with good designing skills. A graphic designer can also move to this career.



A tester is a person who tests systems and finds errors and flaws in those systems. A tester uses different tools and techniques to do this job. There are many testing like unit testing, alpha testing, beta testing, black box testing, white box testing, etc.   


Cybersecurity Specialist:

A person having cybersecurity knowledge should choose this as a career. A cybersecurity specialist is responsible for the security of systems like the web, databases, apps, hardware, etc. He/she tries to protect data from data thieves.


Database Administrator:

A database administrator is responsible for creating and managing databases. There are a lot of technologies used to create databases. SQL (structured query language) and Firebase is one of them.


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