How To Manage Your Twitter Account?

In this article, we will discuss some ways to manage a Twitter account. It is one of the top social media platforms where we can share our experiences in the form of images, short videos, and texts. It is a well-known platform that is popular amongst educational institutions, news channels, celebrities, and political parties. Speed is the top advantage of this site because we can check tweets with even seconds. We will not only discuss the management but the creation of that account. We also share tips to get followers and gain popularity on social sites.

How To Manage Your Twitter Account?

How To Manage Your Twitter Account?

These are the ten steps that everyone should follow. In these steps, we have discussed the management and creation tips of social media accounts. These ways will help you in successfully getting followers. The ways to create and manage Twitter accounts are:

  • User name
  • Profile image
  • Cover image
  •  Bio
  • Website
  • Location
  • Regular tweets
  • Retweets
  • Replies
  • Hashtags


User Name:

It is the first important thing while creating an account. It should be relevant to your business. It should contain the keywords for your business. The user name should be short and easy to remind.

For example, the username for the coffee shop can be @coffees, @hot_coffee, @coffee_woffi, @shoffies, etc.


Profile Image:

The next important step is uploading an image in the profile section. It must be according to your services/products. It should be a highly professional image that attracts followers.

Hire a professional photographer if you don’t have the skill. He/she will capture and edit photos for you. Upload an image that conveys some message. This message will be of your services/products. Models using your products will also be a choice.


Cover Image:

Follow all the steps given in the previous heading. We have more space in this section to play. We can show our services and our address/contact information in this part. The image of the CEO of the company can be a choice. The point is that use the cover image section wisely. 

Write your social media profile Id at the bottom. For example, your Instagram id is @techopedian so write it at the bottom. Also write Facebook, WhatsApp, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube addresses.



The bio should also contain the keywords for your business. Use short and meaningful sentences. The business tagline will be the best choice. Introduce yourself (or your services) in the bio section. Write the sentences which you use for branding purpose.

It is good to explain services in the bio section. Give special offers.   



The website is the most important thing for any business. You can give an online shopping facility for your customers. Create and develop a professional website with a domain name. Link your social accounts to this services website (by adding a web address).

Develop your website in WordPress or Google Blogger. Hire a professional web developer if you don’t know how to develop. A good website can give you a lot of profit. You will gain online clients.



The next step is to add your location. Giving your city and country info is very important. It will provide ease to customers to shop.


Regular Tweets:

To get more followers on your accounts, it is mandatory to engagement with them. Post at least a single time daily. Create posts in the form of images, short videos, and texts. To create attractive posts, you can use editing tools. These tools (online/offline) will help in making stylish text and images. These images will attract people to your profiles. And you will get more followers.

Tweet as much as you can. But tweet at least a single time regularly. Use hashtags with every tweet to reach more viewers.



Retweeting is also a very advantageous feature on Twitter. It is just like sharing something on Facebook. We can retweet someone’s tweet with some additional sentences (comments). It shares someone’s hard work but by giving him/her credits. It tells people that we have retweeted. Retweeting is also very helpful in creating engagements with our followers.



Giving answers to your viewers and followers will make them happy. Always reply to them effectively. Good replies will attract them. And Reply to their comments.   



Hashtags are popular keywords. Use these KW’s with every tweet. There are twitter trends also available by using which we can viral your tweets. The point is that how to find the best keywords.

    Go to the search option and search for the words related to your topic. Select the most popular ones. Also, find twitter trends to popular your tweet.


All the ten steps that we have shared above are very informative. These were profile image, username, cover image, bio, website, location, tweeting, retweeting, replying, and hashtags. Without working on these we cant get successful on Twitter. Profile images and usernames are the first two things that everyone sees. Bio, cover image, locations, website, etc. are the second most important parts. But tweets, retweets, replying, trends, and hashtags are mandatory. Because these give us popularity.  



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