12 Ways To Make Money Online Blog:

In this article, we will discuss twelve ways to make money online blog. This article will help you to earn money from the internet. You can start earning online and grow your business. We help our readers in their start-ups. Our shared information is always helpful for intermediates and experts. Read the complete article to get useful knowledge.

12 Ways To Make Money Online Blog:


12 Ways To Make Money Online Blog:

The top ways to make an earning blog are:

  • Useful information
  • Online tools
  • Free images and video clips
  • Courses/Ebooks
  • Regular updates
  • Time Scheduling
  • Post jobs
  • Follow trends
  • Accuracy
  • Effectiveness
  • Responsiveness
  • Social media sharing


Useful Information:

The first tip to make a successful money blog is to share useful information on your blog. This information may be of jobs, movies, celebrities, politics, weather, skills, mobiles, hotels, etc. It is the top tip that everyone should follow. Share your knowledge with others. More readers and users will help you in earning more.

Choose a micro-niche topic. Share something regularly with your readers. If you can write biographies, then make a biography blog. If you are a good chef, share kitchen tips. Give weather updates if you have a weather site. Share your knowledge about politicians, artists, mobile, laptops, etc.


Online Tools:

Create useful online tools and upload these on your websites. At least some tools features should be free to use. The tools may be image resizers, photo editors, illustrator makers, plagiarism checkers, content creators, etc. Give services free or paid (with some free features). The tools sites gain a lot of traffic regularly. These are used mostly by people.

A photo editor can beautify a photo by applying different filters. A video editor beautifies videos. Content creators produce content in the form of text, images, videos, etc. Plagiarism and grammar checkers run different checks on the text and find errors in that text. Photo converters and image size resizers are also useful. Documents converters are also a choice. These tools will help you to earn from a blog.


Free Images And Video Clips:

The third way is to give free images and video clips on your sites. It may also include icons and other creative things. These sites are also very advantageous for people.

Creating a wallpapers site will be a good option. People need wallpapers for their desktops and mobile screens. Video clips are useful in creating slideshows for entertainment, knowledge, and teaching purposes.


Courses/ EBooks:

Help people in learning through free courses and ebooks. These help a lot in learning. Write ebooks and sell them online. Websites available for learning purposes always have more traffic. Create video tutorials and upload them both on Youtube and blogs. Help people in polishing their skills.

The courses and ebooks websites can get a lot of views and users every day. People need to learn and earn. Help them in both.


Regular Updates:

The next thing is to share something regularly. You can create a News website also to give regular updates. The point is that share something regularly. Create trending tech news websites or celebrity news websites. Write biographies of people.


Time Scheduling:

Write posts and set them on schedule. Upload articles at the same time every day. Write something regularly. Always create publishing schedules.


Post Jobs:

The next idea is to post jobs on your blogs. Post Government, Private, Military, part-time, full-time, intern, permanent jobs on your sites. You will get a lot of views and users every day.


Follow Trends:

The next way is to follow the trends. Share the top trending news with people. These may include celebrity affairs, politics, weather, and national and international affairs.



Always give accurate information on your site. Otherwise, you will lose your users. Sharing irrelevant things are not profitable. The accuracy factor is the top of all. Tell your sources of information at the end of every article. It will help you to increase your viewers and users.

Give true information. Use good words. Your work should speak for itself. Don’t show biases when sharing news.


The effectiveness is also a factor that we should keep in mind while running a blog. Give information effectively. Use good ways. Share info in the form of images, videos, and text. Draw tables and flow charts. Use headings and create number lists. All of these are good SEO (Search Engine Optimization) factors.

Write the text in the form of paragraphs. Check grammar and plagiarism before posting. Brainstorm, edit, and rewrite before posting.



The theme of your site should be responsive. It should have good color schemes and proper use of menus, taskbars, social media icons. Irresponsive sites have fewer chances to get ranked. Use themes that are good for mobiles as well as computers.

The speed of your site is also a factor. Mobile usability should be good. Check the speed of your site by using different tools available on the internet. There are a lot of ways to reduce the size of your site. The first is to use small-sized images. The next is to use some code in the HTML coding of your site. The layouts should be good to see.


Social Media Sharing:

Link your site to your social media accounts. It will provide ease to your users to contact you. Share your web content on your social profiles. Bring your social followers to your sites.

There are more than fifty social media platforms. Create your accounts on at least five of them. The most popular of them are Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, Pinterest, YouTube, Whatsapp, and Twitter. Create pages with topics like your website. Share something regularly on these pages. Remain active on these profiles so you can bring active followers to your blog.


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