Start Your Facebook Business Page:

We will discuss how to start a Facebook business page in this article. We will discuss some tips and tricks to expand your business by using social media. You will be able to create and manage your Facebook business page. These tips and tricks have helped a lot of people in managing and growing their social media profiles. These are good for beginners as well as experts. Social media marketing is in demand these days. You can start it as a freelancer. Read more to learn about all these ways.


Start Your Facebook Business Page:

Start Your Facebook Business Page:

Facebook is ruling over other social media platforms for the past one and a half-decade. Some other social media websites and apps are also owned by Fb. These are known as Instagram, Whatsapp, and Fb Messenger. Some other popular social platforms are Pinterest, YouTube, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, etc. We will only discuss Fb business in this article. The steps for growing a successful social media business page (especially FB) are:

  • Page Title
  • About Section
  • Profile Photo
  • Cover Image
  • Contact Information
  • Online Status
  • Create Attractive Posts
  • Products/Services And Offers Section
  • Other Social Media Sites/Applications
  • Engage Daily
  • Paid Advertising
  • Share With Your Facebook Friends
  • Create Facebook Group



Page Title:

The first thing while creating a business page on any social media is the page title. It should be professional and related to your business. It should also be easy to remember. Find some keywords for your business and use them in the page title. Use at least one keyword in the title. It shouldn’t be very long nor too short. It should be visible in the mobile application also. Use catchy and easy to remind names. Don’t write irrelevant things in your title. It is just like the forehead of your business. Unique business names have more chances to be remembered by users.

For example, the page name for the shoe business can be Stylish Shoe, Long Heels, English Wear, etc.


Start Your Facebook Business Page:

About Section:

Add some more information about your services/products in the about section. It should also contain KW’s in it. Tell people about your working experiences. Use short and easy to read sentences. Explain about your products/services. Add a short introduction of yourself and your company. There is limited space available for the About information. Don’t write irrelevant things in it. Write this part carefully.


Start Your Facebook Business Page:

Profile Photo:

It is the next important thing on which you should focus. Don’t upload an irrelevant image as a profile picture. There is only a single space available for a profile image, use it wisely. Use a good camera and editing tool for this purpose. Hire a professional photographer if you don’t know about photography. Take snaps of your products and use them. Logos of companies can also be used for branding purposes. Images of models wearing your products are also a choice. Edit them professionally. Profile images of businesses mostly contain branding logos. And they remain unchanged.


Cover Image:

The cover image has extra space more than a profile image. You can use all the options discussed previously. But some new things can be added. The company’s CEO information, contact information can be used. Hire a professional graphic designer if you don’t know how to create and edit images. There are a lot of online and offline tools available that are easy to use. These are free and paid.

The cover image is the best place to showcase your products.  


Contact Information:

Add your complete contact information in this section. Give your business e-mail, phone numbers, website address, WhatsApp, and location. It will provide ease to your customers/clients. Never leave this section empty. It can help your customers to reach you.


Online Status:

The next thing is your availability on your page. Remain available all the time. When someone message or comment, reply to them as soon as possible. You can hire social media managers or freelancers for this purpose. They will engage your followers.  


Create Attractive Posts:

The attractive posts with engaging text are the next trick to achieve success on social media. Create posts in the form of images, videos with modern text styles. Hire persons who can create content for you. Good content has more chances to be liked. There is also a story feature available. Use it professionally.

You can also go live on your FB pages. Live transmissions are excellent features to do engagements.


Products/Services And Offers Section:

Add your services and products in the product section. Don’t leave this empty.

For example, you are running a cloth business, add a variety of clothes. You are a graphic designer, add your services like logo design, poster design, brochure design, etc.

Create offers on different events and seasons. Be a seasonal businessman. You can give discounts on events like Eid, Christmas, New Year, etc. It will help you in earning more revenue. 


Start Your Facebook Business Page:

Other Social Media Sites/Applications:

Use at least five other social media platforms for your business. You can use Instagram, Linked In, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, and Whatsapp, etc.

A lot of people have grown their careers on IG. We have also written a detailed post on how to manage an Instagram business account.

Share all your posts to your other social accounts. Link all those accounts to your Fb business page. We share ways to manage social media accounts in our articles.


Engage Daily:

The next trick to managing a Fb business page is to engage daily. It is the top secret of viral social media pages. It will help you in getting more followers on your page. Share something daily with them. Share something attractive or informative.

Reply to the messages and comments of your followers. Your follower today will be your customer tomorrow. Give respect to them.

Go live every week. Give answers to your follower’s questions and add them to your videos. Share these live sessions in different groups.

Post stories for 24 hours. These should be attractive and engaging. Create questions and activities in this section. Beautify (edit) them before posting.


Paid Advertising:

The next tip to get viral is paid advertising. If you can invest in your business page, then pay for it. It will help you to reach more people.


Share With Your Fb Friends:

Share your page link with your friends. They can help you to increase your followers. Fb friends can viral your posts within minutes. A person having five thousand active friends can help you to reach five hundred people. Request them to share your page and posts.


Create Group:

Creating a group of your page is also beneficial. Your followers can discuss their things about you in this group. They can tell their point of view. Create a group where you can reshare your page’s things.


We share useful information in our articles regularly. A lot of people have started their careers after reading us. We help our readers in managing their social profiles, growing their freelance careers, and having technical knowledge. Subscribe to our newsletter to get regular updates. Give feedback and share your experiences in the comment box.

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