Learn Freelancing In 10 Steps:

This article is going to be very important for those who are starting freelancing. These 10 steps will help you a lot in growing your freelance careers. If you are a beginner, then don’t be confused. Just start-up after reading this. Read the complete post to get these useful tips. We share our knowledge and experience with others in our daily posts.

Learn Freelancing In 10 Steps:

Learn Freelancing In 10 Steps:

This is a 10 steps formula to start a freelance business successfully. This will help you a lot in your start-up days. These tips are good for beginners as well as for experts.


  • Learn any skill 
  • Do some research work
  • Create accounts on freelance platforms
  • Post projects/bid on projects
  • Share your work
  • Be patient
  • When got an order, do it with hard work
  • Be consistent
  • Manage your time
  • Remain positive, happy, and healthy


Learn any skill:

The first step to becoming successful on the internet is learning a skill. Select the skills according to your interests. If you are good at design, you can start graphic design. You can further choose fields like logo design, poster design, illustration, brochures, business cards, wishing cards, etc.

Do you like programming? Then start developing mobile applications or websites. There are many fields which you can choose for online work. You can also be an online manager, virtual assistant, gym trainer, doctor, or online chef. Choose work according to your interests.

There are hundreds of other services which we can give through the internet. The most popular of them are Website development, android/ios mobile application development, digital marketing, SEO, creative writing, graphic design, e-commerce, etc. Choose any one according to your passion and interests, start learning and practicing it because practice will make you perfect. You will start it as a beginner. But after failing a lot, you will learn more and become intermediate. At last, your past experiences will make you an expert.


Do some research work:

The next step after learning a skill is to do some research work. Learn about all the freelance marketplaces. Fiverr, Upwork, Guru, Peopleperhour, and Freelancers are top freelancing sites these days. Research on other platforms with less competition. You can start with any one of them.

There are two types of freelance marketplaces, traditional and non-traditional. In traditional, clients post projects, and freelancers bid (send quotes) on these projects. Whereas, in non-traditional, freelancers create gigs and clients send messages to freelancers. Fiverr is a non-traditional platform whereas, Upwork, Guru, and Freelancers are traditional. Peopleperhour is a combination of both.


Create accounts on freelance platforms:

After research, the next step is to create accounts on these freelance sites. Select only one platform at first. Add your personal information including skills, work history, and expertise. You also have to add your portfolio consisting of your previous work. If you are a beginner, then you will have to start from zero. Create an attractive and professional portfolio of your work. You can also take guidance from experts. Youtube is also the best option for learning purposes.


Post projects/bid on projects:

In some freelancing sites, freelancers post projects, and clients bid on these projects. For example Fiverr is a platform where you have to create and publish your gigs, and clients will message you directly for work.

The other platforms have different methods of work. In Upwork, Guru, and Freelancers, you have to bid on the client’s posted projects. Whereas, Peopleperhour has the functionality of both. After researching each freelance site, now it's your duty to select one method of work (either bidding or creating gigs).

Take help from the most popular video search engine known as YouTube. There are hundreds of methods available on Yt regarding gig creation and bidding.

Learn Freelancing In 10 Steps:


Share your work:

The next step after entering this field is to share your work with people. You can use social media platforms to advertise your work. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Youtube, Quora, and Pinterest can be used for these purposes. Create your profiles (either business or personal) on these sites and tell people about you, show your portfolio, and start getting projects through social media. Take your audience (followers, friends) to freelance marketplaces for work. It is a good practice and recommended by professionals.


Be patient:    

You can do nothing without patience. You have to put time and effort into your work to become a successful freelancer. Always be patient and never get disappointed. A winner loses several times to become a winner.

When you are not getting orders, use this time in learning skills. Be productive and learn how to present your work. Skills, Experience, and Presentation have keys to success in freelancing. Learning, trying, and failing several times will help you to become an expert in any field of life.


When got an order, do it with hard work:

When you will get your first order, do it with hard work. Always be communicative. Write all the requirements of your clients. Every day is taking you closer to your goal. Complete the project with perfection and handover it to your client.


Be consistent:

Do your work consistently. Put time and effort into your work. One day you will have your own business/company. Never get tired, every step you take will make you closer to your goal. Don’t be perfect and remain in the learning phase every moment of your life. If you are learning all the time, you will know better ways to do work.


Manage your time:

Maintain a work-life balance if you need to live a happy life. You will get tired quickly if you are doing your work all the time. Spend some time with your family and friends. Take proper sleep and do physical activities. Hire others if you have a lot of work to do. You can also outsource it.


Remain positive, happy, and healthy:

Always be positive. Remain happy because it will positively affect your health.

Do some physical activities regularly like games, swimming. Take healthy diets and

live a happy and peaceful life.



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