How To Manage Instagram Business Account?

This article will help you in creating and managing your Instagram business account. We will discuss some useful tips to earn money on the internet. These methods will also help you in gaining more followers on your IG account.

How To Manage Instagram Business Account?

How To Manage Instagram Business Account?

There are a lot of ways to make money on the internet. Social media marketing is one of them. You have a business, and you are not getting your desired results than you can start marketing your products using it to get more customers and to earn more money from the internet. Follow these tips:


1.     1.  Catchy user name
2.     Attractive profile image
3.     Perfect Bio
4.     Must give your website address
5.     Post photos and videos
6.     Create stories
7.     Do live sessions
8.     Engage daily
9.     Always use editing tools
10. Be a seasonal businessman



Catchy User Name:

The first important thing in creating a successful social media profile is an attractive, and catchy user name. The user name is important because people search you every time by your user name. It should be easy to remind and related to your business. You are running a cloth business than, create a user name having a keyword related to clothes. For example @fashionwear, @modernmen, @j-dot, fashionables, @classypeople, and @punjabilooks, etc.


Attractive Profile Image:

The profile picture should be very professional. If you are running a goods business than a photoshoot of your products will be the best choice. It means to do a photoshoot of your products or models wearing your products. And upload one of these photos as your profile picture. You can also use the image of the Company’s CEO if he/she is a well-known personality. Models wearing your products will be the best choice. Logos of companies can also be used for this purpose. It is a professional practice for companies to use a logo in the profile image.


Perfect Bio:

The bio should be the perfect means, use the keywords about your business in the bio section. It should don’t include long irrelevant sentences because limited space is shown when you first look at the profile. Tell the people about your business in this section. You can also give your contact information at the end of this part.


Must Give Your Website Address:

Always give your website address in the website section. Don’t skip it, if you don’t run a website then you can give your products selling links or any other social media links in this section. It is very important to add a site because it is professional practice for businessmen to have a website.


Post Photos/Videos:

The next thing to manage a successful IG profile is creating posts regularly. These posts may be in the form of photos and short/long videos. Tell people about your services using this technique. Create photos/videos of your products/services, add descriptions, and the most important thing, use the hashtags. Hashtags are the popular keywords that are mostly searched on these platforms. Use these keywords in every post made by you. After writing a powerful description, add these tags as much as you can. You can find these by searching in the search bar section. Use at least 10 most popular of them.


Create Stories/Statuses:

The stories/statuses are those posts that remain on your social media profiles for only 24 hours. You can post images, videos, and texts in this section. This section is very important to create engagement. You can also post questions in a way like “Ask Me Something”. Then give answers to followers’ questions and share these in your stories. A lot of content is created every day in the form of these stories. Professionally use this section and advertise your services through it.

How To Manage Instagram Business Account?

Do Live Sessions:

Instagram gives you a service to come live on your accounts. Create live sessions with your followers. You can also add your followers in your live videos. Question and answer them, share something that matters in these videos. It is also the best way to get engaged with people. You will get a lot of active followers if you will use these tricks.


Engage Daily:

The biggest secret of social media celebrities that we are sharing with you is “THEY ENGAGE”. It means they interact with their followers regularly. They upload photos, short and long videos, create live sessions, do interviews, and post 24 hours stories.  

Uploading something daily always attracts followers. They will like, comment, and take part in activities created by you.


Always Use Editing Tools:

It is a professional practice to use editing tools for beautifying posts and Insta-stories. These tools will not only beautify your images and videos but can also change old text styles to modern and attractive ones. IG has built-in filters that are very easy to use. You can also use other online and offline tools. Attractive posts always have more chances to get more likes and comments. There are thousands of free websites and mobile applications that can help you with editing. You don’t need to become an expert in editing. These are very easy to use.


Be A Seasonal Businessman:

Create offers based on seasons and events. You can create season offers like winter/summer, the event offers like Eid, New Year, and Christmas, etc. Give discounts with these offers to get more sales. Because more people do shopping at these events. Do smart work instead of hard work. Reply to customer’s messages and comments politely. Appreciate them and use good words with them.   



All the tips we have shared are very important to create successfully Instagram business accounts. These 10 methods will help you in growing your business through the most popular social media site known as IG. Thousands of people also have grown their online businesses using it. It can help you a lot in generating more sales and earning more profits.


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