7 Tips To Create Ranking Freelance Gigs:

We will discuss some tips to create successful freelance gigs that rank on freelancing platforms. These tips are not only helpful for beginners but also experts. The methods we discuss in our articles are helping a lot of people in their online careers. If you are looking for guidance in freelancing and online earning methods, read us regularly. Read this complete post to learn how to create a freelance gig, how to rank it, and how to show your services professionally to your clients.

7 Tips To Create Ranking Freelance Gigs:

7 Tips To Create Ranking Freelance Gigs:

These 7 tips are very beneficial for you while creating a gig. Follow all the steps given below:

  • Use keywords
  • Short and to-the-point description
  • Add FAQ’S
  • Use catchy gig images
  • Professional and explanatory video
  • Share on social media
  • Give three packages


Use Keywords:

The first tip to rank your services on Freelance Platforms is the use of keywords. The keywords are mostly searched words on these platforms. You should optimize at least one keyword in your title, and use the same keyword at least two times in the description. Use all other related keywords in your gig descriptions. The tags should contain both short-tail (one or two words) keywords and long-tail keywords.

The question is how to find the best keyword for your gig? It is simple. Go to the search options on these sites. Write a word and give some space. You will find some suggestions. Search all these suggested words one by one. Check their competition. It means how many people are working on these services. Find KW’s with low competition and high density. Try to rank your services/products on these Kws. Your ranking on sites depends on your choice and the density of these words.


Short And To-The-Point Description:

The next important thing is a professional and to-the-point description. The description should explain everything about you and your services. Use simple language and short sentences that are easy to read. There is a limit of characters on all the platforms for description.

Use the primary keyword in the first line of the description. A title sentence can also be used at first. In the next paragraph, explain yourself, then your services, and add some extra information about your work. Explain the pricing and schedule. Tell them about your experience and expertise level. Name the companies for which you have worked. You can also give your portfolio links in this part. You can take help from professional writers to write a gig description for you.


Add FAQ:

Always add FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions) after the description. FAQ’s are the questions that are mostly asked by clients to freelancers. These questions provide some extra information about the service and give ease to clients.

For example:

FAQ#1: What your service is about?

Answer: I can do Search Engine Optimization for your website.


Add at least five to ten faqs. Explain different things in the form of answers. Also, use Kws in this portion. Use space wisely. You can tell everything again in this portion.


Use Catchy Gig Images:

The gig images are the next important part of any service. Choose images wisely. Show your portfolio in these images. There are thousands of online and offline tools available to edit and create images. Take help from these. Create professional and attractive portfolios.

Add snapshots of your products/services. Use catchy and to-the-point text. You can add your image to this portion. These should attract customers to your profiles. If you don’t know how to create images, take help from graphic designers. They will professionally convert your information into colors, texts, and shapes.


Professional And Explanatory Video:

It is recommended by professionals to add an explanatory video. Upload a video of at least 60 sec to explain your services/products. It will tell everything in a short duration. Creating videos is a very in-demand skill in the market. You can learn it online to create for yourself. Or, you can hire freelancers to do it for you. Always upload a video when you need to rank your services on freelance marketplaces.

Different freelance marketplaces give different time duration limit for videos. Add an intro and an outro. Create a beautiful thumbnail for the video. Explain everything about your services in this video. Text styles should be modern and easy to read. You have to happy your client through the video. Use good quality images and sounds in the video. Edit your videos and audios to make them professional.   


Share On Social Media:

Sharing your work on social media will help you a lot in getting customers. You can directly share your services with your social media profiles, pages, and groups. If you have created your business pages on social sites, bring your clients to your freelancing profiles.

A lot of people are earning from the internet through social media. Use Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube. There are a lot of other social platforms that can help you in getting more customers. Create your business profiles on all these popular sites and share your work portfolios. Grow your followers, connections, and friends to expand your business. There are a lot of paid methods available on the internet to get more audience. The point is that sharing will make you a popular freelancer. And popular freelancers have more chances of getting projects.


Give Three Packages:

Give three packages in the form of Basic, Standard, and Premium. It will help customers in making decisions. You can divide your services into three parts.

Divide project length, time durations, and quality of products into three. Give more good services in standard and premium packages. Be a seasonal freelancer and create discounts. Give short package descriptions also. Professionally name your packages. 

7 Tips To Create Ranking Freelance Gigs:



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